Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? As Hutwagner’s participation appears integral to the trial court’s visitation scheme, that portion of the trial court’s order providing for the visitation of W. Newsletter Sign up to receive the Free Law Project newsletter with tips and announcements. The mother also complains that the ruling of the trial court setting visitation is contrary to the evidence. She testified that she supported having the father’s family involved with W.

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Lastly, the mother contends the trial 3309 erred in failing to order that the father undergo alcohol abuse treatment, presumably as a condition to visitation or the grant of joint custody. Court of Appeals of Georgia. The trial court heard extensive evidence on this issue, and the mother fails to point to any instance in which the father’s drinking endangered the children.


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We vacate that portion of the order providing for visitation of W. He also reimbursed the mother for some minor medical 3309 associated with G. Welco Nozzle Shield and Anti-Spatter. Used for welding similar alloys in wrought or cast form; occasionally used for welding Type and similar base metals when severe corrosion conditions exist; and, at times, welding dissimilar steels. He allowed the mother to live in his house during a portion of the pregnancy.


Accordingly, we agree with the parties that the trial court’s grant of visitation rights to Hutwagner was error. Cynthia Morris, the biological mother of W. You are about to make a bid that is 5 times ggk than active minimal bid. The mother claims that the father had virtually no involvement in G.

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The record shows that the mother and the father, who never married, had two ggn children, W. The mother filed a complaint for child support, and the father counterclaimed for legitimation.

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Al-Solder Aluminum Solder. Pretermitting whether the provision contemplates self-executing changes in visitation, [15] the challenged provision contemplates visitation on alternate weekends, and it provides for visitation the same weekends when the father has A. Pour vous guider sur la Route: As the mother points out, the father was actively involved in the life of W. The trial court also granted visitation rights to the father as to both children and, as to W.

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The mother, however, fails to show that the trial court abused its discretion in so ruling. Enter password so you can login to Osta. There is no account with this identification number. Your most recent searches.

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