This will either show the manufacturer to be shanwan, or gaisa. It is amazing the level of detail they went to. The gamepad seems to be stuck in some reconnection loop. Any help would be appreciated! Plug in the GASIA ps3 Controller Dont click the ps button or nothing When connected on cable the ps3 controller is blinking the four lights – Dont remove the cable After 30 seconds I press te PS button and it start to blink 2 light- Dont remove the cable Remove the usb cable. All i did was hold that down with PS button for 30 seconds. Here is the log:

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I just got a Gasia controller and set it up using Gasia clone support instead.

This may also help: Also I’m glad I can just use the PS3 driver by joyatick the appropriate clone support! So i finally got it to work and the solution was simple. But when I tried to turn it back on it wouldn’t connect no matter how much I pressed the buttons.


And what the heck is the markup on the official Sony controller if another company can make an almost exact replica for a less than a third of the price? I pressed X until PS3 R controller detected appeared and proceeded to configure the buttons. It is itself an interesting cultural artefact; a Chinese made plastic product pretending to be a different Chinese made plastic product. Go to the RetroPie menu option, then choose “Retropie Setup”. I pressed the P3 button and it connected. This joysstick the hcidump after disconnecting: Please have a look at this tread.

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USB Dual Vibration Joystick With Macro by GASIA – Should I Remove It?

On the way to open sourcing it, I thought I had better try it with a an official Sony PS3 gamepad, and I could always do with another gamepad for when playing computer with the sprog. Hi ferenczb, I noticed that your hcidump reports version 5.

When i try to get informations about my Controller, dmesg shows nothing about my joystlck. Any help would be appreciated! I went through gasla process of setting it up and chose the Gasia clone support instead of Gasia only.

Can I use a generic PS3 Bluetooth controller in Retropie? – RetroPie Forum

Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in https: Since I wanted to use my PS3 controller at the same time as my BT keyboard and mouse, I started to work on the patched bluez version.

As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

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Do you want to continue? This is all on a fresh build of 3. Initial impressions were that it was a little light and the D-pad was different than I remember. The controller that game was the one above. Ok, joystixk I’ve been doing some testing and found an interesting bug, I was going to create joystiick new thread but this seems like a good place to mention it: Cd bluez and i send the command. See the Hosting Information page for more information.

Here hcidump -v shows that version 5. Unfortunately, I do not own any Gasia controllers and therefore cannot reproduce your issue.

From first booting up the Pi Pi3 Retropie 3. This topic has been deleted. They do not work wirelessly.

I’m not really worried if it doesn’t. The gamepad seems to be stuck in some reconnection loop.

I don’t have a bt dongle and my Pi3 kept freezing widely reported and I changed to 8Bitdos which so far seem to joytick fine.

Thanks again for your knowledge and expertise!