The ideal wiring for external switches would be one input per switch. This option is only enabled when an input has been set to Spindle Phase A. For each pin, choose the signal which matches your parallel port pinout. Up to 9-axises of non-blocking synchronous stepper motor control. If your not sure about this setting a value of 20, will work with most drives.

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Direction Hold – How long the direction pin is held after a change of direction in nanoseconds. If it is convenient and safe to do so, push the table against the direction of motion to simulate cutting forces. Then the 3-Axis bot is controlled by some kind of emc driver. Sign up using Facebook. All subsequent entries will be in the chosen units.

EMC2, Arduino & stepper motors – Have I got this right? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Follow any responses to this post through RSS 2. The figures below show the general idea of wiring multiple switches to a single input pin. Home and Limit Switch wiring options The ideal wiring for external switches would be one input per switch.

After selecting this a file picker pops up so you can select the. Privacy policy About RepRap Disclaimers.

Stepper Diagnostics

Start the spindle turning by entering: Maximum Velocity -Enter the maximum velocity for the axis in units per second. If what you get is not what you expect many times you just got some experience.


That domain name implies it: The second time the switch closes, the home position is set. If you combine the home and limit switches you must move off of the switch to the home position or you will get a joint limit error. If you stepperr to be able to print with the best technology available, RepRap Mendel is by far the best technology and investment you can do, because it is used by everyone and all developments happens there.

It is intended to be used once EMC is installed and configured. Home Search Velocity – The velocity to use when searching for the home switch.

Latency is how long it takes the PC to stop what it is doing and respond to an external request. For machines without home switches, this is the location the operator manually moves the machine to before pressing the Home button.

To run a latency test press the Test Base Period Jitter button. The Wtepper comes with several types of user interfaces:. If you are seeing an axis ending up in the wrong location over multiple moves, it is likely that you do not have the correct direction hold times or step timing for your stepper drivers.

External E Stop – This can be selected from an input pin drop down box.

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Steepper Diagnostics Table of Contents. The idea is to put the PC through its paces while the latency test checks to see what the worst case numbers are. Operating without Stwpper Switches. When you change something, you need to pick the file that matches your configuration name. You just need to log in with the language you intend to use and when you start up EMC it comes up in that language. Any of the above can cause the real-time pulsing to not be able to keep up the requested step rate.

These next options wiil be recorded in a preference file for the next run of Stepconf.

Stepper Diagnostics

Include Halui – This will add the Halui user interface component. This is a test for your computer only, so no hardware needs to be connected to run the test. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Correct step waveform timings Correct pinout, including Invert on etepper pins Correct, well-shielded cabling Physical problems with the motor, motor coupling, leadscrew, etc.

The physical end of travel is called the hard stop.