In the specific embodiment, the wings 33 form a cross shape. The shell defines an opening to receive the joystick therethrough with the knob above the shell and the base between the shell and the keypad. Therefore, when the grip is grasped by the hand, a finger of the hand e. In the specific embodiment, the press-fit elements of these two components form a cross-shape to avoid relative rotation between two components. An operating device for use with an image processor which generates image data of an image to be displayed on a monitor, and outputs an operation signal which can change the image data according to an operation by an operator, said operating device comprising: A joystick adapter kit for mounting over a keypad having depressible buttons disposed on an upper surface of a controller body, the kit comprising:

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In addition, the height level of swing-shafts supporting shafts 72 and 82 of the swingable members 66 and 68 are coincident with a height level of a center of the ball portion Furthermore, the start switch 30 is positioned at the approximately at the center of an area surrounded by the switches 24 and 26a to 26f, and the analog joystick Methods and systems for transferring game saves between a game system memory card and a computer.

Raising of the information processing apparatus, a storage medium, and an information processing apparatus.

Nerdly Pleasures: Three Flight Simulator Joysticks for DOS

Furthermore, since the vibration generated on the controller cotnroller is directly conveyed from the controller pack to the controller, it is possible to apply a relatively strong vibration to the hands of the player grasping the controller. Interactive gamepad device and game providing means of learning musical pieces and songs. If an aiming direction of a weapon is designated by the analog joystick 28, it is possible attack an enemy pressing from directions other than the advancing direction of the character without changing the advancing direction of the character.

Therefore, a principal object of the present invention is to provide a novel controller pack capable of applying a bodily sensation to a player in a video game machine for home use. The joystick adapter of claim 1, wherein said shell is sized to cover the entire keypad on the controller body.

If upgraded version data is stored, in a game that a main program is not changed while data of abilities of teams are to be renewed every year such as a baseball game, for example, it is possible to play the game on the basis of the new data only by obtaining the expansion cartridge 38 into which the upgraded version data is stored, and therefore, it is unnecessary to change the game program itself. Video game machine, and recorded machine-readable recording medium a computer program.


US6200253B1 – Controller pack – Google Patents

In addition, in the embodiment shown in FIG. Shooting game apparatus, a shooting game image display method, and readable recording medium.

The present invention is a controller pack detachably attached to a controller which is connected to a video game machine, comprising a case; a vibration source which is attached to the case and generates a vibration using electric power; and a driver circuit which applies the electric power to the vibration source in response to a command signal from the game machine.

The portion in which the bottom surface switch 34 is formed is constructed by a slope which orthogonally intersectes a direction that the index finger is hooked, and therefore, the bottom surface switch 34 is easily depressed by the index finger. The bus control circuit 12 further converts serial data input from the controller control circuit 17 into parallel data and outputs the same to the bus.

In this case, the bottom surface switch 34 is used as an attack switch, and by aiming at the enemy by the analog joystick 28, it is possible to easily implement a shooting game that is required to provide a mechanism for sensing the aiming direction by an infrared ray or the like in the prior art. One swingable member 66 is formed by an arc-like member which is provided with a long hole being made long in a longitudinal direction of the arc-like member, and supporting shafts 72a and 72b are formed at both ends of the swingable member 66, and shaft end portions 76a and 76b respectively having flat surfaces 74a and 74b are extended from the supporting shafts 72a and 72b, and a sector gear 78 is provided on one shaft end portion 76b.

Each of the arms terminates in a tab 56, which in the specific embodiment are generally rectangular in shape. Video game steering system causing translation, rotation and curvilinear motion on the object. However, as the game content became more complex, it became impossible to sufficiently control the action of the character by using only the two action switches 5a and 5b.

Next, by pressing the protruded portion by a finger and by bringing the finger down, the cartridge 38 is ejected from the opening portion Depending upon the configuration of the controller body 11, additional attachment points between the clip 24 and the band 26 may be necessary, so that additional arms 54 would be added to the clip 24 and additional fingers would be added to the attachment band If the renewed data in progressing the game is to be saved, in a horse race game, for example, by storing the data of a racing horse bred by a given player in the RAM, it is possible to bring a racing horse bred by another player into competition.


US6102803A – Operating device with analog joystick – Google Patents

The image signal is applied to a display 32 included in the TV monitor 30 through a connector The adapter further includes an elastic T-shaped band that surrounds the bottom and sidewalls of the controller body.

System, method and computer program product for automatically selecting, suggesting and playing music media files. Device for inputting numerical or alphanumerical data, respectively into an apparatus. There remains a need in the video game industry for an adapter for use with a hand-held game controller, and particularly an adapter for converting manual buttons of a manual keypad to joystick control.

Similar modifications to the attachment band 26 can be made to firmly engage the clip to the controller body. Computer-readable storage medium having information processing program stored therein and information processing apparatus. Within the housing of the controller 40electronic circuits such as an operation signal processing circuit 44 and the like are incorporated, so that the operation status of the respective switches – or the joy-stick 45 can be detected and the detection data thereof can be transferred to the controller control circuit The shell of the clip includes three arms projecting from the shell, each arm carrying a tab.

Video game difficulty level adjuster dependent upon player’s aerobic activity level during exercise. The present invention provides unique features that permit the use of a variety of knobs, such as knob 30, with the joystick adapter The above described objects and other objects, features, aspects and advantages of the present invention will become more apparent from the following detailed description of the present invention when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.